discipleship resources

Wanting to take the next step in your Christian life alongside another believer? You’ve found the right place!

 Steps in Faith

Steps in Faith is a three study series designed to help you move forward and grow in your Christian life. Each Steps in Faith study focuses on different foundational parts of our faith. These are designed to be completed alongside a discipleship mentor. 

 Steps in Faith 101

  • Why You Can Trust the Bible
  • How You Can Know You Have Eternal Life
  • Knowing God in a Personal Way
  • How to Turn Failure Into Forward Progress

 steps in Faith 201

  • How Did the World Get the Way It Is?
  • How Valuable You Are to God
  • How Vital the Local Church is for God’s Plan in Your Life
  • Growing Your Relationship with God

 steps in Faith 301

  • How the Bible Fits Together
  • How to Do God’s Will for Your Life
  • How the Word of God Guides to Make Wise Decisions

 Changed into His Image

God has a plan to transform your life! If the idea of growing in your Christian life is elusive or confusing, this is a great resource for you. Changed Into His Image by Jim Berg is a 13 week study to help you cooperate in God’s plan of transforming your life.
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