What Makes Stanley Heights “Stanley Heights”?
Biblical Truth
We desire to seek the truth, apply the truth, and live the truth above all else, so we minister the Word of God accurately, passionately, and practically.
Authentic people
This is a ministry of people who, though we haven’t yet “arrived,” are generally and genuinely seeking to please God and serve others. It’s not just about church, it’s about life change for the glory of God.
Worship & Music
We believe that our glorious God calls His people to exalt Him with worship that is as distinct as He is and ministers truth to the heart by lifting up Jesus Christ and uplifting people.
Balanced vision
Stanley Heights is passionate about a local, regional, and global impact for Jesus Christ; about balancing evangelism, edification, and equipping for ministry; about following the leadership of Jesus Christ by faith and passing the torch of a vibrant work of God in this generation to the next generation.
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