Ministry Training


S.T.E.p. Ministry

(Spiritual Training & Equipping Process)
This is our ministry of training people to do “the work of the ministry.” These training sessions are regularly held as part of our mid-week ministry as well as at other times periodically. Each S.T.E.P. training fits in one of four tracks to help you take the next step in your spiritual journey:
1. Training in the Word of God—Since God’s Word is truth, one cannot rightly live apart from an accurate understanding of it. This track offers the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God.
2. Training in the Work of God—This track equips people to go beyond learning “what to do” to learning “how to do it.”
3. Training in the Ways of God—In this track we apply the truth of God’s Word to how you think so that your world view is shaped accurately by God’s truth.
4. Training in a Walk with God—Training in this track is about the transformation of your life – growing personally as you know God more intimately.

Discipleship Ministry

We are on an adventure of ministry being developed even as you read this site. Our goal is to give our people a plan to take the next spiritual step in their journey as disciples of Christ through classes and personal discipleship. Some material is being developed, others have been developed and we are in the process of systematically implementing our plan and training leaders.
Steps in Faith 101
Steps in Faith 201
Steps in Faith 301
Changed Into His Image (based on the book by the same title by Jim Berg)
Other growth and discipleship opportunities are made available throughout the year.
For those involved in the RU program, this provides a plan to know God & His victorious power.

S.L.o.T. Ministry

This ministry combines your Spiritual gifts with your Level of availability to help you find the right Opportunity of service, and provide you with the Training required to help you find your specific S.L.O.T. in the ministry here at SHBC.

Family Development Training

We occasionally offer classes in which we teach a biblical ethic of parenting. As part of preaching the whole counsel of God, these topics are included in our preaching and teaching ministry, and during our scheduled Sunday night training times.