our church history

Stanley Heights Baptist Church was not always Stanley Heights. The church began in 1946 in a barber shop on Rossville Boulevard and was named the Boulevard Baptist Church. In 1963, the church moved to the Stanley Heights subdivision in East Ridge, TN. The church name was changed to Stanley Heights Baptist Church and remained there until 2005.
In December 2003, the vision was cast to relocate to a visible, accessible location. As the church moved forward, united in faith, our God moved mightily making a run-down church property available at the major intersection of Ringgold Road at Germantown in East Ridge. With many obstacles and complete renovation, the church moved into part of the building in January of 2005 dedicating the facility as a “Great Commission Relocation” in the Fall of that year.

While the Ringgold Road location gave us visibility and accessibility, it had limitations. Even with two Sunday morning services, our seating, parking, and classrooms were limited. After much planning, prayer, and God’s miraculous intervention on our behalf, we relocated again to our current property on McBrien Road at Ringgold Road. After an extensive renovation, we held our first service in the newly renovated auditorium in January 2009. While we are grateful for the hand of God upon His work. We plead with Him to do His will for His glory in and through the people of SHBC.

Our first church building as “Stanley Heights Baptist Church.” This was the church building from 1963-2005.
This is the second church building as “Stanley Heights Baptist Church.” The church was here from 2005-2009.
Some men in the church working on renovations of our current building back in 2008.
This is our current church building. We had our first service in January of 2009 and have been here ever since!