We desire to glorify God by ministering to you and your family through the variety of ministries our God has led us to have, but the goal of ministering is not what you get from it, but what you become in it. This may be the place through which God transforms your life and multiplies your impact.

Family Friendly Ministry

We want our ministry to complement and support your family. Since God has instituted the home and the church, our goal is for the two to work together to bless, build and, unify both for cross-generational involvement and impact.

Intergenerational Worship

We want our families to share their worship together as part of their family life and heritage so we involve our children and teens in our services at Stanley Heights. In the 10:30 service, our children participate with the congregation in their own Children’s Worship ministry while the 3-5 year olds go to their own children’s church during the preaching time. The Pastor even tries to make applications in his preaching that involve the youngest to the oldest in our services.
men’s Basketball