Freedom that lasts

Are you facing a crisis? Have you been hurt deeply? Have you fallen back into a stubborn habit and are about to stop trying? God wants you to have lasting freedom from addictions and hurt. Let us show you the way.

Freedom that Lasts ® is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, local-church focused discipleship ministry to those enslaved in life-dominating sins or overcome by hurt. Our Chapter is led by Brother Ron Bennecke, a man with a heart to serve Jesus Christ, under the guidance of Pastor Brent Baughman. Freedom that Lasts is held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00. 
Find help and hope from God’s Word every Wednesday evening at 7:00.

THE CHANGE principle:


You do what you do because you are what you are; in order to change what you do, you must cooperate with God to change who you are.
Character development is important to God!